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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Concert Quiz Answers

Nobody got them all right. Not even Carl (and he was with me at a lot of them and still missed them!). Here are the answers so you all can go back to sleeping at night. I know this kept you awake at night. Admit it.

The ones in bold are the correct answers.

Def Leppard--Seen them. I went with a boy I dated in college.
Gloria Estefan--My very first concert at the Kern County fair (Bakersfield, CA). I was in 8th grade.
Journey--Never seen them.
Neil Diamond--Been to his concert twice. Once in Indy and the other in Omaha our first month living here in Nebraska.
Barry Manilow--saw him at the Oprah show. He walked right by us!
Wynona--saw her at the Lloyd Noble center in Norman, OK
Toby Keith--My first date with Carl was to this concert but we never saw him. We missed it because we were hanging out in the karaoke tent (O'Brian's) at the State Fair.
New Kids on the Block--I totally saw them in OKC. I went with a younger girl from our church. Her mom said she could go if I went with her.
Milli Vanilli--Totally awesome show! We had a blast. I don't care if they lip sync.
Van Halen (w/ Sammy Hagar--not David Lee Roth) I was trying to throw people off with being so specific and I think it worked. I've never seen them.
Enrique Iglesias--Hot hot hot. Saw him in Chicago.
American Idol Season 4--I haven't seen any AI concerts. My mom and sister went to one, though.
Kids Incorporated--Saw them at Santa Anita (a racetrack in CA) in the infield. I guess maybe I should count this as my first concert and not Gloria Estefan. Oh well.
The Wiggles--They sure put on a good show. Carl cried he was so excited to see them. No joke. Okay, I did too...just a little. I love MURRAY!
Pat Benatar--My latest concert. Most of you knew this since I blogged about it extensively.
Bobby Vinton--We were the youngest people there. Saw him in Branson.
Billy Idol--He came to OKC in 1991 and I wanted to see him desperately. I considered sneaking out of the house but used my better judgement and let my friends go see him without me.
Blessed Union of Souls--I won tickets on the radio to see them at Frontier City (OKC). I took Melessa and my sister with me.


  1. I am so jeleous that you got to see Kids Icorporated. I loved that show.

  2. Who did you see New Kids on the Block with?? I have no recollection of this. Should I?

  3. Tiffany-I went with Damitra. I'm surprised you don't remember---especially since you can remember the names of people that I couldn't from MY high school that I cheered with. ;)

    Kellie-Mario Lopez was the drummer and a dancer for them! It was hot. He was like 12 yrs. old at the time.

  4. Is that the Mario from Dancing with the stars? The one that keeps breaking all the rules?

  5. Would this be the Damitra I go to church with now? Please let me know because I've SO got to tease her if it is. (And our kids are in Nursery together, so I'll have an easy time finding her.)

  6. Melessa-Yep, same Damitra.
    Kellie-Yep, same Mario.

  7. I'm so jealous that you have been to the Oprah show! Was it everything you've dreamed of? Someday I'll be there, someday.... I saw New Kids on the Block too! It was my very first concert... ah, memories.