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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Back to Business

So, we're home now. It was an interesting day yesterday. We got up EARLY to make a 6am flight. We arrived in Omaha at 9:45am and had to get Carl to school by 11:30am for his class. We stunk and were wearing the same clothes from the day before and it takes an hour to drive home. We hadn't picked up our luggage or our car yet. We were on the road at 10:10am on the way to Lincoln. I was almost out of gas. I have a little display that tells me how many miles I can drive until I'm empty. It was pretty much the same mileage as the drive to Lincoln. We made it to the station with the big flag (84th St) when the car hit 0. I never want to be that close to empty ever again. Carl decided to get some clothes from our luggage and change in the car. Then, I'd drop him off at school so he could make it to his class. He made it but didn't have his keys so he had to get someone to open his office for him.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out with the kids AT HOME! They were so excited to be back with their toys that they pretty much kept themselves occupied. I tried to catch up on some TV that I missed. Joey Lawrence and Mario Lopez looked HOT in those dance pants. Yeah, baby. I love me some Dancing With the Stars. I haven't watched Survivor yet.

At the end of the day, I went to pick up Carl at work. After spending a week in Philadelphia and NYC, driving to Lincoln in "rush hour" was a piece of cake. It was kind of amusing, actually.

That night there was a ward activity and campout. I thought for sure we would ditch since we had just got back home. I was going to go for the evening and then bring Eva back to sleep in beds. Carl and Caleb are the campers. The boys still wanted to go. So, they did. They packed up and left and it was just us girls for the night. We messed around and I played with my new KnitPicks bags (I'll have a report on them later---it needs a whole post all to itself). I put Eva down for bed and then it started storming. It wasn't the worst storm I've ever been in (not by a longshot) but I was worried for my little campers. Then, the tornado sirens went off. They weren't in any serious danger and neither were we but I was nervous and hoping they would come home. It stopped for a while and then I thought I could go to bed since they probably weren't coming home. As soon as I walked up the stairs, they came in the door. Caleb was zonked out and Carl looked a little disappointed. Apparently, it wasn't storming where they were but they heard the tornado sirens and they all packed up and left. I was glad to have my boys back home where I knew they were safe.

FYI: I did drink a lot of Diet Pepsi yesterday---and it helped me immensely! And--we have no trips planned for a LONG time.


  1. Janet7:41 PM

    I certainly understand how good it is to get back HOME!!, especially with little ones in tow.

  2. Seriously Joey and Mario were great, but when I first turned it on I didn't even recognize Joey. I mean WHOA! Maybe he's going bald and it wasn't stylish enough so he doing it Andre Agassi style?? Glad you're home!!