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Monday, January 16, 2006

PFA Update

Down 2 more lbs. Not bad. I'm going to have to be more careful this week because I'm afraid the weight loss is more from me being sick than what I did myself.

I only went to the Y once this week. Big Apple was sick first. Then Frog. Then Sugar Daddy. Now me. We're all still dealing with it in one way or another but I'm the only one that can't talk. I've lost my voice. It's annoying. I also have no energy. Probably because I haven't had much of an appetite. No fun.

Well, duty calls. No sick days for me around here.


  1. Yuck, the sicks are no fun. We all did that over Christmas break, of course!! I hope you're on the up and up! I need to get my booty movin' on "The Kite Runner", I like it so far!

  2. Amen to the no sick days for Mom, story of my life!

    PS. To wendysue, I love Kite Runner! Great read! (A bit graphic, but a good lesson).

  3. congrats on the LBS go you! hey anyway it comes off counts! LOL that sucks you all were sick though! i hope you recover well!

  4. Moms never get a break... Hope your feeling better soon! Gabe just came down with the sicks this morning... my poor little baby:( Tis the season... Feel better, OK?!