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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Home Search 2006

We got our first set of listings from the real estate agent. We're trying to take it slow but I can't help myself. We have until May on our lease and I really have no clue how long the process is to actually buy a house. I'm having fun looking. I made a list of my top 3 and so did Sugar Daddy. We picked the same ones! Finding a house we both like is probably going to be easier than I thought. Here are the pics. Any comments? Which one do you like the best? I think you should be able to click on the pics to make them bigger.

We only had a few criteria to give the agent. We wanted an established home in an established neighborhood. No cookie cutter subdivisions. No new houses w/o trees. She did a good job with the ones she sent us. I can't wait to go and see some of them...and then see more!





  1. I vote for the one close to me!! What are the addresses???

  2. Janet8:13 PM

    I really like the style of #1, but I wouldn't want to have to run up and down stairs all the time, esp. with kids. Then again, it is good exercise....
    The pictures probably don't do #2 and 3 justice. You can't really see all of them. Then, there's the inside....

  3. I love #1, but you've seen my house so that's no surprise. Having said that, I did wait until some of my little ones were older before we bought the two-story house. I did lose a few pounds climbing them constantly while we were unpacking and moving in, though.

  4. They all have finished basements, too so it'll be 3 stories of stairs!

    Sorry Wendy, they are all up north (except #3...which is my least favorite just from the info I have). #1 is on Professor's Row up off of N 38th (fitting, don't you think?). #2 is on N. 62nd. #3 is S. 67th.

    I'm so in love with #1 I can't help myself. I have some pics of the inside and it's exactly what I've ever wanted. We're trying to get an appt. to see the inside in person and maybe that will cure me but I'm ready to buy it just from the pics I've seen!

    #2 and #3 will have to be pretty darn good on the inside to compete w/ #1. Even Sugar Daddy is impressed and a little excited.

  5. Deanna11:50 AM

    I like # 1 and I can definitley tell you that you will know it when you get it(the right house)..... you want the levels in your home especially as the kids begin to get older and you have friends over. Stairs are always great for PFA. The kids get great with stairs fast. I am sure that you currently love having the basement!!! for play. I miss our other house because of the other level. We looked at a few homes but when I went to the one in bright!!! No questions for me. I hate our ranch home and we will be home shopping again in 1-2 years.
    I think its neat how it is professors row. Get in to see it and see how long it has been listed. Good luck

  6. I agree, I love #1. However, I *HATED* having stairs when M was a baby.

    Buy it soon. I hope to come up this summer (guess I should discuss with J)!

  7. I just realized I switched the addresses of #2 and #3. I can't wait to go and see them. We are going to look at #1 and #3 in an hour! Wahoo.

  8. House hunting is lots of fun! Good luck and take your time! I like #1 too. I'm almost ready to start looking again.... On a side note, I found a little something that I wanted to send you and was wondering if I could get your snail mail addy?! You can e-mail me at: jjgutoski(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

    have a good time looking at your future houses!