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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Frog!

My little frogger turned 3 today. Here he is before church. That was his best shot.

Big Apple was dressed up in her red Christmas outfit from Grandma Greer. Here is her best shot.
After a long day at church and going to some open houses (we found another possible home...makes us feel better that we have 2 good choices now), we came home and baked a birthday cake. I made a devil's food cake in my Pampered Chef skillet. Yummy. Frog agrees.

After the cake, we brought out his birthday present...the drum set! He immediately started drumming. He's got some skills.
Now it's off to the bathtub to play with his other great presents (a bath drum and some bath flutes from Uncle Eric and Aunt Connie). Sorry, no pics of that!


  1. happy bday to you happy bday to you happy bday dear frooogggg
    happy bday to you!
    how big are your kiddos getting such cuties.
    my fav thing to make in my skillet is the skillet cookie... YUM

  2. UGH. I totally meant to sing Happy Birthday in Nursery today!! I was all thrown off my the different 5th sunday schedule, but anyway, I loved his little vest and tie, what a little man!!

  3. What a set of cuties! Happy birthday to frog! You're the man!