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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The New Dream House

What do you think?

It's an old Victorian in a little town outside of Lincoln (but still in our same church ward).

The porch

The kitchen

A bathroom

Check out that tub!

We're going to see it on Saturday. It's almost $20K cheaper than the house #1 in my previous post and is twice as big. Here are my concerns:

1. It's about 20 minutes outside of town.

2. While the school district is known to be good, I'm concerned about my kids being the only non-white kids in school (or in a HUGE minority).

3. Can I live without pizza delivery?

4. Can I really go back to small town living? I never really liked it much when I was growing up. But, then will probably be a great place to raise a family.

5. What kind of resale value are we going to get out in the boonies?

Well, that's it. I'd love to hear what you think about the house. Also, from the people that know me---will I make it as a country girl again?


  1. #2 is a huge factor. I would definitely check with the local schools to see what the racial makeup is and then try to talk to some minority folk in the area to see what their children's experiences have been. Too often racial epithets get thrown about and teachers and administrators don't do anything in some of these school systems. It might take a lot of involvement on your part :-)

  2. I hear you. The house is so beautiful...but since it sounds like anywhere you go will be for the long might want a bit more diversity. For me, it is all about how far I have to drive to get to my friends house, my Target and my ward building!!!

    Maybe, if you were SUPER nice, even if you didn't buy the house, they would let you have the wicked wicker chair? Just what a claw footed tub needs to accesorize it....

  3. it is beautiful! but sometimes the pix are decitful! good luck trying to decide. your best be with the school is go there and see for yourself.

  4. What a cute house, but I can understand every one of your concerns. What about house#1 from the jan. 12 post? (or was it the 11th?)

    All of the points you brought up would have to be embraced. Can you embrace all of those things? (the drive, educating your neighbors on racial issues, resale value - it could affect what kind of house you buy after this one)

    Big decisions! Let us know what you come up with!

  5. You'll have to post again after your visit on Saturday. . .I do love the "throne" chair in the bathroom. . .(and yes, I did intend that pun.)

    p.s. Caleb was so funny tonight. . .It is TRUE! I think maybe he was bearing his testimony??? Dang cute!

    p.p.s. Ok, were we totally rude talking about all that pregnancy, labor business?? Honestly, just tell us to pipe it next time! Certainly we can find more fun things to talk about, like shopping at Lemon Days tomorrow! I'll look for you there!

  6. If all that pregnancy talk had happened pre-kids I probably would have cried and quit book club. Now, it's no big deal. It actually makes me really happy about our decision to adopt!

    That wicker chair better be included w/ the house or we definitely will not buy it!

  7. Hmm...My house in Norman was actually a longer drive from anywhere I wanted to be (except the kids' school) than our house in the country is. I do have a 20 minute trip each way taking the kids to and from school. It was tough at first, but then I discovered audio books and I'm used to it now.

    I concur with everyone who has asked about discussing the racial issues with the local schools.

    I do miss delivered pizza, but the kids and I either make a special trip into town on Fridays for the $5 Little Caesar's deal or we make the pizzas ourselves. Either way, we don't mind as much as I thought we would. Of course, there are two good restaurants and a service station with a food counter just across the highway from me-so it's not like I always have to drive 20 minutes for take-out.

    The house IS'll have a better idea of what you want to do when you see it, I'm sure.

  8. How far would Carl's commute be if you lived here?

  9. Eric--It would add 10-15 minutes to the commute to Lincoln. He'd be at about the same distance for when he has to go to Omaha.

  10. I think all your concerns are valid. I love the style of the house, and the small town or country atmosphere might be enjoyable once you get used to it. I must admit that I have often felt tired of having to drive 15-20 minutes to get anywhere from here. When the boys were little, getting together with friends was less convenient than if we had lived around more families with children. On the other hand, there haven't been pesky neighbor kids to put up with.
    How long is the drive to church? Oh,yes, another concern to investigate (very carefully) is the soundness of the structure. I can see that some remodeling has been done, but what about wiring and plumbing and heating? Is anything sagging? Is there any dryrot? How is the roof, and the subroof too?

  11. Spoken like a true Nelson. Carl is all over that kind of stuff. I worry about the rest.

    Going to church will add 15 minutes.

    Tomorrow is the day we go out to see it. I drove out yesterday to get a feel for the neighborhood. It's right by a park and "downtown" Palmyra (library, grocery store, post office). I was joking with Carl saying that I could be the mayor of Palmyra someday. :)

  12. Janet4:24 PM

    Mayor!?! Hmmm. I can see that!

  13. Loser5:06 PM

    About the small town thing...I think the reason we didn't like it much is because we weren't there for life. You remember how close those Washington people were who started together since kindergarten? I don't think it was bad for them. Anyways, that house is sweet, except the bathroom could be better. Love the porch.

  14. Loser8:28 AM

    About the pizza delivery - it should not be an issue for a stay at home mother. You have all day to make your own pizza. And the dough from scratch. Or drive your Suburban (you know it's only a matter of time before you have one) to Pizza Hut.