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Friday, January 06, 2006

Crawling Out

Guess what? We're in debt. Sugar Daddy just got his first "real" job in June and I only worked full-time after college for 2 years before we got our kids (another huge expense) and then I only worked part-time. It was bound to happen, right?

Now that Sugar Daddy is gainfully employed, we've been working really hard on reducing that debt. Our goal: buy a house. We're not there yet but we're close. Today we had an appointment with a loan officer so we can possibly consolidate some of our high interest credit card debt. Looks good. What's even better? We got our credit report. I didn't realize how much not knowing my credit score was stressing me out. I've been worried for the past year or two that there was no way anybody would give us a mortgage. I don't know why I was so worried. We're good about paying our bills (even though they are numerous) and we haven't had credit problems in the past. I just thought my score would be low. Well, it's not. I'm so happy. We should have enough saved by the end of 2006 to have a good down payment and we'll be ready to go. What a relief.


  1. Good for you! I hate money... and yet you need it for almost everyting in life. argh. Debt is such a widespread disease, I'm glad your nearing the clear:)Congrats on all the cleaning... I just semi-organized my computer room/office. It sure feels good!

  2. Yay! A good credit score is such a good feeling! (I also think it's good advice to find out the score of your significant other before getting married, but that's another story...)

  3. I was equally relieved to see that Carl's score was good as well. He hasn't had many opportunities to build his credit. Most things have been in my name because I already had established credit when we were married. My straight A guy just made the "A" cut-off by 2 points. He was relieved! :)

  4. Dave had not only had ample time to build his credit, but also to destroy it. It hurt to see those first "joint" credit scores when we bought the first house after I had worked so hard to keep my credit clean as a single gal. It's all good now, though. I'm still going to advise my kids to run credit checks before getting hitched. I doubt it would cancel the wedding (it wouldn't have stopped mine), but it's good to know beforehand rather than getting a nasty shock like I did. But, we've got our dream house now don't we? :>)