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Saturday, January 21, 2006

House Update

We went to see the house today. It was better than I had imagined! We're going to wait a week and mull it over during our vacation and then we'll come back and decide whether or not to make an offer.

The wicker chair was still in the bathroom! We'll make sure to say that it must stay...otherwise, would Wendy want to come and visit without a throne room?


  1. I think it's adorable! I love that bathroom chair, great for bathroom conversations!

  2. loser5:11 PM

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could turn that wicker chair into the toilet? I bet Carl could make that happen. Then you'd have the coolest bathroom out of anyone that I know (in person).

  3. Hey "loser", I was thinking the exact same thing, just mount the chair over the top right? I would come over just to use the bathroom! OR if it's just a regular chair what a great place to sit and read while the kids try to wrestle and soak each other in the tub!!