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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Money Making Schemes

I tried to be a stay at home mom. I'm still trying. But, I miss making money. I don't want a job. I've got my hands full around here as it is. Teaching Spanish again is out of the question for many years. I don't want to teach piano again. I did my stint as the queen of Pampered Chef. What's left? Here are some of the options that Sugar Daddy and I discussed last night.

1. Stampin' Up. I've already got a crapload of the product and I know it is something that I really like to do. Concerns? It costs quite a bit to get started and the kit has hardly anything that I don't have yet. I'm also afraid of becoming my own best customer and not making any money. I also don't know for sure how "flooded" the market is here in Lincoln with SU demonstrators. Maybe Wendy could help me out with this one...

2. Knitting. SD came up with this one but I don't think he realizes how much time goes into making things. There is no way I could get paid what I'm "worth". I don't mind making things for people I know (for the cost of yarn)...especially if it's something I've been wanting to make but, I just don't think there is anything I could make that I could sell at a reasonable price.

3. Handmade gift cards. I can make cards. So can lots of other people. Could I make knitting note cards? Would my LYS carry them? I don't know. This could use some looking into I guess.

4. Paper route. Yeah, right.

5. Web designer. Huh? I don't know how the heck to do that. Sugar Daddy was on crack when he suggested that one. He quickly agreed.

Those are the options we've come up with so far. Got any ideas out there for me?


  1. I'm not sure what the new "rules" are but it was easy to make my minimums when I was in it. If you want to, I can get the info from my sister. She is willing to help out a lot with your starter kit, usually she will let you have a party, and use their orders to fill up the starter kit, then the out-of-pocket is a lot less. There are plenty of stampers in our ward and around Lincoln that would keep you busy. We could even start a stamp club once a month, I know several that would come (me!!!) We can chat more about it later. . . .

  2. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I think you should do what Nancy Shepherd does. Get with the local vo-tech or extention center and set up a knitting class. (weekly)
    Out one night a wee doing what you love and making money. Sounds perfect to me.

  3. Deanna3:35 PM

    Stampin up would be fun..... Also as far as knitting I had a friend who made quite a bit with knitting lessons...She offered a knit camp for teens Ages 8-13 at her church and did 1 day per week with a new qroup each month.This allowed fellowship and now she mentioned doing a level two or individual lessons/help.You can also check the local yarn store to see if they need any instructors.
    Handmade cards might be good for the holidays Valentines, easter, at church .... How bout offering birthday card packs to family members or variety packs.... Those are my ideas :) Deanna

  4. I think your mom has a good idea. Or you could teach Spanish Class at the Vo-Tech. Diane Green did that for years here in Norman. She did it one night a week. OR combine the two and teach knitting in Spanish. LOL.

  5. I knit a lot. But, I'm not the best at it. So I hadn't really considered teaching knitting. I checked the area community college that has vo-tech style classes and they've got a native speaker teaching Spanish classes. Drat.
    I'm starting to lean towards making some awesome stationery sets and seeing if some of the local boutiques will carry them. I'm going to dream about them tonight (I hope).

  6. Hello! I searched "Stampin' Up!" on here and stumbled upon your blog... I'm a Stampin' Up! demo, and you probably already know this, but with the starter kit you can pick any stamp sets you'd like (of equal or lesser value than the suggested sets) and you can pick your own paper/ink colors. It does stink if you already have a few of the other things (like the scissors, scrub, etc) but you never know when it comes in handy to have two! I have to admit, though, that I am definitely my best customer. I haven't held parties or anything, but I have heard it is very easy to make your minimums if you do. I just signed up to get the discount for myself, since I was spending enough to make the minimums anyway!

    I think the card thing is a good idea too. I went to a store here in Oklahoma City the other day that sold a lot of handmade crafts. They were selling cards made with SU! stamps for $3.00!!! I couldn't believe it. Decorating paper bags to match is another cool idea.

    Okay, that was probably long enough....Good luck with your money-making venture!

    - Emily