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Monday, January 10, 2005

Yet Another FO for 2005!

The Crafty Conservative

I am on a roll! I just finished a really cute 0-3 month (maybe 3-6) sleeveless dress for a friend that just had a baby on the 5th. I started the dress on my vacation to Oklahoma. It really didn't take me too long to knit it up. I'll post a picture later today or tomorrow. I still need to add a ribbon belt and a button. I just wanted to get a post out while I was waiting for my PDA to re-charge.

Now, I only have 2 WIPs. I'm making a pair of ribbed socks for my mom using Regia self-patterning yarn (absolutely gorgeous!). I'm also working on my hooded sweater. I only have a few pieces left to knit up (a sleeve and a half, the left front, and the i-cord). I imagine that I can have this finished by next week. That is, if I don't think of some glorious new project to do between now and then. I'm holding off from casting on for anything else until I get that done. It's going to be really hard, too. I have some Noro waiting in my stash wanting to become a Booga Bag. I guess that's more motivation to finish my sweater...beside the fact that I really want to wear it. It's gonna be cute!

After some begging (not too much), my husband got me a head lamp. I've really been wanting one to help out with the night knitting. The light in our living room just is not cutting it. It was a little bit of an adventure. He got me one at Target using one of our gift cards from Christmas. It was really bulky. When he gave it to me he said I probably wouldn't like it and he was willing to take it back AND go to another store to look for another kind. WOW! So, he took it back, found another kind of Target that I might like better and then went to Wal-mart and found another one. He brought them both home so I could choose which one I liked. I chose the one from Wal-mart. It's promise of 200 hours on the bulb won me over (the Target one promised only 50). Other than that, they were virtually identical. Now, he is going to go back to Target to take the other one back. What a guy!


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