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Friday, January 14, 2005

Dr. Phil

The Crafty Conservative

The Dr. Phil show yesterday was so extremely disturbing for me. If you didn't see it, take a moment to read the re-cap about Melissa and Bobby.

This couple adopted a child from India. They want to send him back. They don't love him. They TELL the child that they shouldn't have adopted him. They are admittedly strict in their discipline with this child (compared to their 2 biological daughters...whom they love with all their hearts).

This couple gives adoptive parents a bad name. They weren't going into this with their eyes wide open, apparently. They'll take the "for better" part of raising a child for life but prefer to give him back when things are "for worse". Would they consider "getting rid of" one of their biological children if they were diagnosed with a disease (as was their son in question)?

Being a parent is hard work. We are struggling with Frog's temper. It could be that he's turning 2 and he's just at that age where hitting is his main form of recreation. Do I like it when he hits us for no apparent reason? Of course not! Do I want to send him back? NO WAY! Adopting children is not a recreational activity. You can't get one, try them out and then throw them back if they don't meet your "standards". Children are innocent and need to be taught how to love and be loved. It's not their job to love us unconditionally. It's a parent's job and one can just hope that the child responds accordingly. I have a feeling that if this Dr. Phil couple would just give their child a chance, they could have a wonderful relationship and teach this child how to love and be loved.


  1. I read this post, and the info on Dr. Phil's site, with my jaw touching the floor. One of the things that I kept thinking about was that I do NOT want this child to get hold of the video from this show when he is older. How would that make you feel? That somebody does not love you AND they have the balls to go on TV to talk about the fact that they don't love you.

    "Boooooo" to that couple.

  2. Some people shouldn't be allowed to be parents.
    I mean, you have to have a liscense to own a dog and drive a car right?

    I would give my limbs for a child. I have my stepdaughter and love her dearly, and want one of my own.

    Boo hiss to those two who were allowed to adopt a child they "don't" want.

    Would they still feel that way if something happened that took one of thier biological children away from them.
    Children are too precious to be cast off as unwanted.

  3. OOOHH MMYYY GGGOOSSSHHHHHH!! I saw it! My cousin saw it a few days before me and told me about it which was bad enough, BUT THEN I came upon it the other night and could of jumped through the tv! I would love to have another child but cant...I would LOVE to adopt but dont have the money....How can anyone treat a child like that and THEN make him run around the swingset and he has muscle disease?????? I have 2 kids of my own. A boy who is 14 and a girl who will be 9 in March...NOTHING IS WORSE THAN A TEENAGER>>>I THINK HE IS POSSESSED!!