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Saturday, January 22, 2005


The Crafty Conservative

My hooded sweatshirt really looks good! It even fits. But, I'm scared. Terrified, actually. I'm scared to put in the zipper. I can take skeins of yarn and turn then into fabulous garments but at the sight of a zipper, I run scared. I'm going to ask around at church tomorrow to see if anyone will come over and hold my hand while I do it (figuratively, of would be kind of difficult to sew in a zipper with one hand). I really want to wear it soon but the thought of having to do and re-do (maybe more than twice!) the zipper is keeping me from touching it.

The good news? I've started with the second skein on my Booga Bag. It's really coming along. I'm using Noro Kureyon #102. It cheers me up. But, then you all will probably hear me being scared about felting in a couple of days. My first attempt didn't go so well. But, it was just for a potholder. I didn't have a lot invested in that project. But, my BB is another story!


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