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Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm not "cutesy" enough! What the HECK?

The Crafty Conservative

We're nearing the final stages of our next adoption. Okay, not really. But, we're entering the first major phase of the "waiting game". We're waiting for some young woman to choose us to raise her flesh and blood. Forever. I really try to understand how these women feel. I know I can't. I do know how I feel, however. It is IMMENSE GRATITUDE! *just a few tears being shed as I type* A woman we barely know gave us the greatest gift we could ever imagine. A life. Our little Frog. The cutest boy in the world. Thank you, V!

The waiting game isn't so fun. We get calls about once a week giving us updates on what's going on. Today we got one of those calls. Our profile is set to go out to 2 potential birthmothers. The gal that works for the agency is a really good friend. I actually "introduced" her to adopting. She's hooked. She already has two kids (and she started after us!). Anyway, she tried to put it nicely (she did, actually) but apparently our "Dear Birthmother" letter isn't cute enough. She said compared to what everyone else has, ours was kind of boring. I'll admit it. We put more effort into what our letter said than what it looked like. We don't really want someone picking us on the basis of my cute paper punches and fabulous stamps (which I have, of course!). We want a potential birthmother to choose us because we are a loving family that (we feel) has a lot to provide for a child. So, I'm torn. I need to update it anyway. Do I go whole hog and make it super-cute? The agencies we worked with to get Frog needed an actual letter. This agency wants more of a scrapbook page approach with most of the personal information about the family coming from phone calls. Hmmm. Any opinions out there for me?


  1. go all out and let them know who you really are. that you are a loving and caring person...and you are. show them your little frog and how much you love him. go for it.

  2. Anonymous1:10 PM

    If I may be so bold as to suggest perhaps a collage of pictures with you and your son might do the trick in conjunction with the letter that you have already written. I think that anyone seeing the sweet face of your happy little boy could not fail to see that he must be in a loving family. I wish you luck and I admire your willingness to go against the stream and adopt a child right here in the US.