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Monday, July 03, 2006

More Remote Blogging

I'm blogging again from the public library today. Still no computer. It's not so bad. We have a computer set up for Caleb in his room and it is connected to the internet. I can still check my email and things. It's just slow and I'm spoiled. I really miss my music and my files. I've been wanting to make this dessert (graham cracker toffee squares---yeah, don't ask about PFA this week) for a party we're going to tomorrow but I don't have the recipe anywhere else except my recipe document in Word. I guess we'll just bring some chips.

Carl's working dilligently on the computer and is doing his best. I'm starting to question his computer savvy. I mean, it was only 2 months ago that he made me this "awesome" computer and said that it was going to be the best computer I ever had. It was pretty good...while it lasted. I think I'd rather have a not so awesome computer that will last longer than 2 months. I've been mentioning that I'd really like a laptop. We'll see how that works out. I know we can't afford one right now---we're busy paying off all of our debt. Guess what? It's working! We've cut our debt by about 30% in the past two months and hopefully soon we won't owe anything (except our mortgage) to anybody (not even you, ERIC!).

Sorry this post isn't more exciting. I don't have any pictures to post, either. I will tomorrow (or whenever I get a chance to do some more remote blogging) because we've got some good 4th of July activities planned. Sayonara.


  1. Janet6:22 PM

    Have a fun July 4th! And best of luck to Carl on the repair. I'm glad it's his problem and not mine. I'd give up and cry. Hopefully you won't be crying about it and that he can save your files.

    Thanks for going to the trouble to blog remotely. You know how addicted some of us are to frequent updates.

  2. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Do you listen to Dave Ramsey about debt? Mary had me read "Total Money Makeover," we don't have debt but I want pay the first mortgage and John wants to invest. It's a pain when you don't feel the same about money! Megan

  3. Megan-My favorite money book so far has been The Millionaire Next Door. You would probably like it, Megan (although I think you guys are well on your way!).
    I've never heard about Dave Ramsey.

    Janet-I'm as addicted to posting as some of you are to reading them, I think!

  4. Thanks for being so persistant about blogging! You're way better than me (we always knew that!). Ditto on Dave Ramsey!

  5. Arbee9:46 AM

    Congrats on paying down your debt! I agree that Dave Ramsey is a good money person - he has (??) a radio show that I used to listen to, but I cannot get AM in the office. :( Anyway, my other money "idol" is Suze Orman and I do own a couple of her books. I have heard of The Millionaire Next Door, but never remember to look for it when I go to B&N or Borders. Anyway, hopefully you're well on your way to being "the millionaire next door", it sounds like you have a great start!