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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

American Idol Footballer?

Separated at birth? France soccer star Franck Ribery sure looks a lot like American Idol finalist Eliot Yamin. Don't you think?

I'm back blogging on my normal computer. It took Carl a while but we think it's fixed. All of my files are on a cd waiting to be put back where they belong. He couldn't save my itunes music. There goes hours and hours of work. Oh well. I'll have to upload all that music again. What else do I have to do? ha ha

Carl's 30th birthday is tomorrow. We are going to Omaha for a big day. He's going to work in the morning and we are going to meet him at the zoo in the afternoon. His grad student, Kim, is going to watch the kids for us in the evening while we go out to eat and then to the temple (for a session and then to help clean it). It's going to be a late night but I think we'll enjoy ourselves...toilets and all. On Saturday we're going to go to a movie (Pirates of the Caribbean!!!). I think that about sums up his birthday week.

Our 4th of July was pretty standard. We went to the breakfast put on by our church, watched the World Cup, and then went to a bbq at a friend's house. We stayed until about 8:30pm and then came home to watch fireworks on tv. Our kids could really care less about fireworks so we spent $0 on them. I don't think they cared. We sure didn't.

I better wrap this up so I can catch today's World Cup match. Carl stayed home from work (to work on my computer) and now he's just not going in. Could it be because France is playing? Hmmm. My francophile is pretty excited that they're in the quarter finals. I think they'll probably win today, but either way I'll be happy. It would be awesome if Portugal could pull it off.


  1. Janet5:36 PM

    Welcome back to your very own at home computer. I'm glad it's working again. How on earth did we live without them?!!

    Have a terrific birthday celebration. Wish I could be there.

  2. Happy birthday, Carl! How about sharing a story about Carl, such as the one you alluded to earlier concerning his collecting stuff?

    No 4th of July can compare to Jason setting them off at your Indiana place. He's such a pyro sometimes...This year we also spent $0, Jason will probably have to spend doouble next year to make up for it.

  3. I think Germany is going to take it.

    Christy ~ Do you need to barrow my hats and blowers for the cake part?

  4. We're not having cake. I think we're just going to go to a restaurant with pie (Carl's wishes). Should be good times.