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Monday, July 10, 2006


And now for the sequel to my previous post.

Saturday morning, Carl had some meetings to go to so the kids and I took it easy at home. We cleaned up a little (again??? I know--crazy--but it was for the babysitter) and watered the plants (my bell peppers are looking sweet!). When Carl got home I went out shopping for the elusive kid sized table and chairs. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and to Old Navy. Okay, I didn't really expect to find a kid size table and chairs at Old Navy but it was close. I scored a really cute skirt for $5 and they had a matching one for Eva. Hot. We're going to get mother/daughter pictures in those for sure. Still no table.

Then, it was time to pick up the babysitter. First, I had to stop at the movie theater to get the tickets. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Good thing I bought the tickets when I did because by the time I got the babysitter and dropped her off at our house and we got back to the theater, it was sold out. We had to sit in the 2nd row, but it was WORTH IT! When you're like us and you only get to see one or two movies a year, you gotta make sure you get your money's worth. Oooh baby. We did.

I took the babysitter home and came home to watch the World Cup third place game. I left before we were finished watching it because I went shopping some more. I tried my luck at Osco, Walgreens, Big Lots, and ShopKo. I didn't buy a table but I got a hairbrush (Eva put my previous one in the toilet and I was never quite able to get all the water out and it kept getting my hair wet when I'd use it--gross) and a fly swatter. Then, it was time for me to meet with the Relief Society presidency at Applebee's. We had our meeting there because our 1st counselor is moving and it was kind of her "farewell dinner". I got home around 9:30pm, finished the World Cup match and crashed.

Sundays are always a little hectic for us. Our church starts at 11am and Carl has to be there at 8:15 for meetings and then we don't get home until after 2pm. After church this Sunday we watched the World Cup final. Carl was rooting for France so I rooted for Italy (I hate France--I didn't have a very good experience in my travels there and the Italians are much better looking anyway). We were really disappointed in Zidane's exit from the game. I'm really curious to know what was said to him to provoke him to act like that but I'm sure it was bad. That still doesn't mean he should have reacted the way that he did. At any rate, it probably would have ended the same way anyway.

Sunday night was really nice. We relaxed. It was the perfect way to end an unbelievably hectic week.

Just thought that I'd add...I found a table today at the mall (of all places!). They had one in KB Toys. It has Spongebob on it (which I'm not too thrilled about) but it's going to get trashed anyway (crayons/playdoh/etc...) so I didn't want to get one that was too nice. I think it will work out nicely. I was in a rush to get one because Caleb's preschool teacher is coming tomorrow for the last time this summer (she's been coming once a week) and suggested we have one so he can do some of his learning activities there. We did have our full size card table set up but it wasn't working out that well. I wanted to get it before she came so she can get him used to the idea of doing those certain activities at the table. She said we need to work on him being able to do some activities independently and that way he won't bug me as much when I'm doing other things (like cooking dinner or changing Eva's diaper). We'll see.


  1. Did you try Walgreens for a table? They always have that stuff. Your life sounds about as exciting as mine. How was Pizza Hut? I wish I could go to Pizza Hut.

  2. I saw a cute table and chairs (primary colors) at Walgreens. The pieces are sold separately. I think the chairs were $7. This was a month ago. At the time I thought it would make a cute gift. I sure it was a prompting and I ignored it. Sorry.
    Love MOM

  3. I saw the same table and chairs at Walgreens a couple of months ago and thought I should get them. But, I didn't! Oh well. The Spongebob table is working out just fine. Since when have I had fashionable furniture? Exactly.

    Kellie-Pizza Hut was awesome. We're going again next week.

  4. Janet3:00 PM

    I was in Long's Drugs today and saw a kids' table. It's a shame you had to hunt so hard to find yours. Please take a picture of the kids sitting there.

    Do they like to play in the sprinkler or with the hose. Blowing bubbles is another fun summer pastime. Hmmmm, I used to have a recipe for bubble soap that's pretty cheap....

  5. Yeah! The table quest was conquered!! Congrats!