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Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh, Pioneers!

This funny story has nothing to do with the kids. I went with my friends and two of their kids to the Winter Quarters Visitor Center in Omaha. Our younger kids stayed home with Carl.

We watched a short video and then a sister missionary (Sister D--one that was just transferred from our ward) started to give us a tour. She was telling the kids (ages 10 and 6) that this was a really fun tour because you get to pack a wagon and pull a handcart. I was lagging behind a bit with John (Tiffany's husband) and I said, "That doesn't sound like fun at all". John didn't waste a moment and said, "Do we get to get scurvy, too?".

I think we were the only ones that heard ourselves say that but it was too funny not to share.

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  1. Yeah, that's a good one. I'm glad you posted it.