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Saturday, July 22, 2006


I feel like I've been a sub-par blogger this week. I really just haven't had much to say. This summer is just creeping along and we didn't really do much this week. We have a big day today because there is a pioneer celebration at the park. I'll blog about that next week, I suppose. I'm sure I'll be taking pictures. These are the only pictures we've taken this week.

I was making hamburgers and had on an apron. It was one I got from my Pampered Chef days (if you need any PC stuff, I've got a show that I'm closing tonight or Monday---how's that for a plug---a lady I know just started her business so I'm helping her out) and it has 3 stars on it. Caleb LOVES stars (any shapes, for that matter) and wanted to wear it. He wore that thing for two days. I think he'd still be wearing it if they hadn't ripped the ties out of it. The cutest part was seeing his little bum poke out the back. This picture does not do it justice, I'm afraid.
Eva's had a black eye all week. It happened last Saturday while I was at my knitting group. In Carl's defense, it probably would have happened if I was at home too but, still... Carl didn't see it happen. He said that Caleb probably pushed her into his toy piano and she got it right in the eye. Or, she just happened to fall on the piano. I'm more prone to believe that pushing was involved. But, it hasn't slowed her down any. This picture also does not do it justice.
In other news, the rate of escape out of this house was increasing dramatically this week. Caleb finally learned how to unlock the sliding glass door to the backyard. He would go out back, let Eva follow him and then run around to the front of the house and ring the doorbell before I could even know what was happening. I became afraid to go to the bathroom or even up to the fridge without taking the kids with me and having them in my sight at all times. I would try to tell Carl about this and how I need better locks on both of the doors (Caleb has been getting out of the front door--deadbolt and all--for weeks) but I don't think he realized how important this was until the other night. Carl was watching them and finally "got it" on how they can escape so quickly. That night he installed a chain for the front door (up high) and rigged up a wooden bar (also up high) for the sliding door. No escapes since then. Whew.

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  1. Deanna2:54 PM


    It is amazing how they can figure locks.... Tim did the exat same thing with Claire. He went out the back rang the doorbell and when I answered they were going for a walk down the sidewalk hand in hand...Cute yes but heart dropping.... We used a tension rod $2.50 (curtain rod) in the sliding door up high and also now have installed multiple chain locks in our home.... BTW I think for the tank a size 3T for just in case since it will most likely be worn next year.