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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Have I told this story before? I can't remember and I didn't dig back into the archives far enough to tell.

It all started when I began telling Caleb, "You're such a good eater!". He's really good at sitting at the table and eating without making a mess. He LOVES praise (who doesn't?). His face lights up and then he would just repeat what I said over and over. Now he doesn't wait for me to say it--every time he sits down to eat he says, "Caleb, you're such a good eater!". He's also worked out the formula for the sentence in that brain of his and now he applies it to other things. Here's a sample of what I've heard so far.

Eva, you're such a good clapper!
Caleb, you're such a good dancer!
You're such a good shaper! (while he was playing with some of his shapes)
You're such a good water planter!
You're such a good pianoer!
Mommy, you're such a good mommyer!


  1. Oh, Mommyer. That is so dang cute! How does after lunch sound???? I didn't go swimming today. Crazy story, I'll tell you when I get there.

  2. It's cute statements like those that parents remember all their lives! Always good for a chuckle. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Christy, you're such a good blogger. :-)

  4. Arbee7:21 PM

    You are a good mommyer! It's nice to know he realizes that at such a young age... :D

  5. See? Validation that you're doing a good job straight from the source (or one of them, anyway). I agree.

  6. Tonight I heard a new one....
    Mommy, you're such a good computerer!

    Tiffany-you're such a good commenter!

  7. oh that's great. what a good feeling that must be. he's so clever!