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Friday, July 28, 2006

T is for...

T is for TIME--the longest time I've ever had a best friend (since 1989).
I is for INTELLIGENT--this girl is as smart as they come!
F is for FUNNY--this is a requirement for all of my friends
F is for FRIDAY--King Friday Wo lives on and on
A is for AMBITIOUS--she's a librarian and a super mom that I really look up to a lot
N is for NIFTY--nobody can whip up a piƱata like her!
Y is for YOUTHFUL--we can still giggle like teenagers talking about our silly antics

Tiffany is my friend and has been visiting here with her family since Wednesday. We are having such a good time--I can't even tell you. It's been a blast. We remember the funniest things and it has been fun reminding ourselves of the stupid things we have said and done. I'll be back blogging in full force next week once things calm down around here.

Lisa--do you remember doing the Humpty Dance song at girl's camp with Julie?


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