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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cop Out

Is it just me? After watching the skeleton and the luge on tv, the blobsled seems like no big deal. I mean these people have all that fiberglass around them to break their falls. The skeleton and the luge are just man against the ice. The bobsled is a cop out for the cowards.*

*I really don't believe that the people that bobsled are cowards. You wouldn't catch me doing that...for sure!


  1. wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. I totally agree. Did you see in the first few days the USA girl that wiped out and went unconscious on the track doing the luge? Crazy.

  2. Loser9:16 AM

    I wonder what their training regimine entails. I'm sure it
    is nothing that I couldn't do - if I ate my Weaties every day.