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Monday, February 13, 2006

Just kidding about that no blogging thing

I've realized that blogging and knitting don't really interfere with one another at my house. I can blog one-handed. I don't recommend it, but it's possible. I can also blog with kids climbing on me. The same can not be said for knitting...especially a lacy shawl. So, I will continue to blog. I can't let down the 4 people that read my blog, you know.

I learned something new on Saturday. I know how to put on eyeshadow! Can you believe it. One short afternoon with some friends and a Mary Kay lady (also a friend) and I have now entered the world of eye makeup. I ordered some. I decided on the colors Fig (the dual pack) and Spun Silk. I will get them in 2 weeks or so. Most of you know that I'm impatient. I was feeling pretty good about my eyeshadowing skills so I decided to buy a couple of other colors from my local Wal-mart just to get me started. Lucky for me, Almay has 3 colors chosen based on your eye color. Fabulous! I don't even have to come up with 3 colors on my own to match. I am soooo fashion forward. I don't know what to do with myself!

Back to blogging with children...while I wrote this blog my kids:
1. Turned on the paper shredder.
2. Frog pushed Big Apple into the closet.
3. Big Apple dangled from the computer desk and then rubbed snot in my pants.
4. Frog got "banished" from the computer room and is now banging his head against the door saying, "I bonked my head!". Well, duh!
5. Made me feel guilty for blogging about my awesome make up skills instead of making them play-doh and playing pat-a-cake.
Gotta go.


  1. Janet6:06 PM

    I'm glad you're not really going to take a blogging break. I look for it every day and enjoy what you tell about. Obviously, my favorite things are the kids' pictures.

  2. Come on, Janet. Are you telling me you don't read my blog to hear about my latest eye shadow shades? I'll have some pics of the kids up soon.

  3. lol i love MK eye shadow. it's really nice you can use it wet or dry!!
    i like the pix of the kids too though! wink wink

  4. Can you teach me how to put on eyeshadow? I'm completely impaired when it comes to cosmetics. I might have to look for Almay eyeshadow, because I wouldn't have any idea what colors to buy unless the product actually tells me that they'll look good with my eye color.

    Don't ever apologize for blogging about eyeshadow -- a couple of weeks ago I wrote a whole post about my pants.

  5. Anne,
    They give you a little "tutorial" on the back of the Almay box. I would go with that.

    This is what I learned: lightest color on the whole lid, middle color on the bottom part of the lid, darkest color just in the corner of your eye and maybe a little on the underneath corner of your eye (like eyeliner).

  6. I knew you couldn't hold out very long on the no blogging thing! And Yippee for us too! I kept checking after that last post for you to say, just kidding!

    I'm so jealous about your eyeshadow knowledge. I'll have to get the Almay box. Certainly I could google to get a tutorial over the internet right?

  7. I felt a little like a tramp wearing eyeshadow w/ sweats today. I just can't help myself now. I shouldn't say tramp...I really meant that I felt super glamorous. Yeah, baby.

  8. I found those Almay sets about a year ago...and I am soooo sold. When I started wearing them, along with the coordinating eyeliner and mascara for my blue eyes...I had a LOT of people comment on my make-up. Most especially my Young Women at church! Now...if you get teenagers to must be looking good!!