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Monday, February 06, 2006

Fat Lady Sings

No country house for us. The other people had 3 days to find financing and they did. Bummer. I guess we'll be city folk for a while.


  1. oh bummer I'm so sorry! there's obviously a better house out there for you! we're not having any fun finding a house either. you may want to get preapproved for next time

  2. We are pre approved. There was just another offer before us that had been accepted. They either had to sell their house or find alternative financing within 3 days of us placing our offer. They were able to get money somehow so since their offer was accepted first, they got it and not us. Oh well.

  3. Just keep in mind that everything happens for a reason! Your house is out there, just waiting for you. Keep your chin up and your needles busy!

  4. Dang. Sorry. Hopefully something will come along soon. Maybe your next house with have a "throne" included??

    I'm guessing BA was still sick since you didn't call? Let me know if you need anything. But it can't be Pudding pops cuz we're out and I went tonight to get some more and HyVee was all out AGAIN!! They could have a whole section for those yummies!!

  5. Wendy, she's still pretty snotty so I decided it was best not to contaminate your cute little Whitney (or you, for that matter!).

    I went to check again for pudding pops and couldn't find any. Dang that. Where's Bill Cosby when we need him?

  6. Rats! That was a really attractive house. Better luck next time.

    Kiss BA and Frog for me. Hope BA is better soon.

    And, yes, Sugar Daddy does show his love for you often. (Good for you both!)

  7. Sorry about that, my Mom always says that it wasn't meant to be when her clients don't get the house. It even happened to them when they were getting their first house and it was a total blessing. Who knows, maybe it will fall through and you can have a second chance. Don't despair! Post more pictures of your other choices!