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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hansel and Gretel

We have all homemade computers here at Casa Nelson. My husband is a computer geek and just will not have anything that you can buy at a store (except his laptop courtesy of the University). Needless to say, my computer acts up sometimes and he comes to the rescue. Lately, my fan has been really loud. Like airplane engine loud. His solution? Take off the case. Now I have a quiet computer but it is open for all sorts of stuff to get put in there. Doesn't he know I blog with kids hanging off of me?

I wasn't paying attention earlier and Big Apple snuck around to the computer and put a piece of bread in there. It looked like it was still intact. I pulled it out and found more pieces of bread underneath. I think I got them all. Add a little butter and maybe my computer troubles will be over for good!


  1. He he he. You make me laugh! We to have a home made computer, but not from hubby. The guy who made it moved, luckely we have a friend who is good with them... Why do those little ones love to get into everything?! don't they know it makes more work for mommy?!?

  2. Bread in the computer, PB&J in the VCR, what's next?

    So, did you buy any powerball tickets? The winner is from Nebraska... just wondering :o)

    I was reading your last few posts and I didn't realize you were an adoptive mom too! Small world! We adopted Iris. And she was definitely meant to be our child.

  3. Amy--Nope, no powerball for me. But, the winner was here in Lincoln. I didn't know you were an adoptive mom, either!

    Janet--you "outed" my bread in the computer to SD in the email you sent us. He doesn't read my blog and I had no intention of telling him of my bread fiasco! Some good did come out of it...he said I was really lucky not to have shocked myself by sticking my hand into a running computer. Who knew? I feel most lucky because Big Apple didn't shock herself when she put the bread in there in the first place.

  4. Christy-
    Dave rarely reads my blog either. Funny, isn't it? I would think he would want to keep tabs on me. He was very interested in my anonymous commenter last week, but that's about it.

  5. Why is it that kids love to put food in any appliance orifice? Once I even found a(n?) harmonica in the VCR after my grandson left.