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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Aint Afraid of No Ghosts!

Last night I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of the realtor's office (we made on offer on the house in the country), and the Ghostbusters song came on the radio. Is it possible for anyone to hear this song and NOT turn up the radio? Or, is it just me?

Think back. Did you have a Fisher Price record player? We did. We also owned the 45rpm record of Ray Parker Jr.'s hit, Ghostbusters. This wasn't the first song that my sister and I would make up dances to, but this one was memorable. Can you hear the song in your head? Think of that opening bass line. Just think what six and eight yr. old girls could do with the choreography. Let me tell you, we were good. It's amazing that one of us is not a superstar this very day. Maybe the Frog did come by his dancing skill from my tender nurturing and not nature like I previously suspected.

Remember Star Search? My sister and I would play Star Search and make our parents judge us. Somehow we always won an equal number of categories. Lisa (my sister) would almost always win the dancing. She's got "flair". Colonel Hathi's March. Jive Talkin'. Those were the days.

What songs make you turn up the radio every time they come on?


  1. Thanks for your ideas on classes. I took your advice. I hope the general knitting public feels the same way as my blog-friends!

    I loved Star Search. I have absolutely no physical talent. Unless knitting counts. But I don't remember a knitting category....

  2. Yo - We Built This City On Rock and Roll. Word to our mother.

  3. oh my, it's all coming back now. I think my favorite dance moment would be when I actually paid money for the Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation video and spent hours with my friends, learning all the sweet moves. .. "we are all part of the rhythm nation. . .people of the world unite!" Wow. nice.

    loser, my fav. part of that song is the radio dj speaking part in the background. . .who puts that in a song? I guess the band that sings..."we built this city on rock and roll", and there was a jewelry store here in town that did a radio commercial that said, "we built this city on rocks and gold!" sad, but true.

  4. I thought about doing this anonymously, but oh well. "I like big butts!" Haha!

  5. That's funny, Mary! Especially since nobody in your family even has "big butts". We sing that around here for me and Caleb.

  6. Deanna1:59 PM

    Well I would have to say that my fondest memory would be the talent show in the 7th grade. Me and my friend sang "material girl" complete with pearls and sunglasses that had holes in them we were sooo cool. Of course in gym class our routine was to "Straight up now tell me" Paula Abdul..... How embarrassing

  7. Dancing Queen (or any ABBA, who am I kidding?) and We Belong by Pat Benetar.