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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kindred Spirit

Several months ago I started attending a local knitting group, Lincoln Knitters. We meet at a local coffee shop two times a month. The very first time I went, there was just one other knitter that was able to attend that day. Patsy. She was a woman in her late 60's but we found we had so much in common. I felt grateful that we were the only two there. We were able to get to know each other better. We talked about work, families, and of course, knitting. Her grandaughter is the same age as my own Big Apple (and was also adopted). When I came home that day I told my husband that I had a great time and made a new friend.

A couple of weeks ago, I sent her an email to invite her to movie night at my church. I was surprised when I didn't get a response because she has always been so good about replying. I figured that she was out of town or something. The next week, I found out that she had a heart attack. Her reply was something like, "Sorry. I had a heart attack that day. I'm okay. I'll see you at the next knitting group.". Today is our next meetup. Her obituary was in today's paper. She passed away on Wednesday. I'm so shocked. We were planning a trip to Omaha to go to some yarn shops this month. I was supposed to see her today. I'm going to try and arrange for a babysitter so I can go to her funeral on Monday. Even though I only knew her for a while, we really were kindred spirits. I'll miss you, Patsy!


  1. I'm sorry and I wish I could watch the kids for you.

  2. Janet1:22 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear about Patsy's death. What a shock! Our prayers are with you and with her family.

  3. So sad. I found myself saying "oh, no." during your post. I'm sure you two were supposed to be the only two knitters that day. I'm home on Monday if you want me to take the kiddos so you can go.

  4. I will get back with you on that, Wendy. Thanks. BA's sick so it will depend on that, of course. It's probably not good that I'm writing this 1-handed at 3:30am.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that. It's always so shocking when someone passes so quickly. Like Sister Perry--it still seems unreal. She had taught RS less than two weeks before!

    I hope BA gets better soon. For her sake and yours!

  6. i am so sorry to hear that! my thoughts and prayers are with you and her family!

  7. Your short friendship with her at the end of her life was a blessing I'm sure.

  8. Christy, I'm so glad you're on Team Deseret. Otherwise, how would I have known about your blog? I can already tell you're my kind of person--caring, funny, sensitive, real. i'm sorry about this shocking loss. It doesn't seem to matter sometimes how long you know someone--even a first meeting can now and then reveal a "meant to be" type of friendship. It's good you two crossed paths here. Undoubtedly you were getting your foot in the door for another place and time when you can resume and more fully develop that friendship.

  9. Sorry to keep filling up your space, but . . . I don't know if you'll check for replies to your comment on the Team Deseret blog, but I wanted to tell you that we have an informal email list for the team members so we can communicate about a few details. If you feel like sending me your addy, we can include you too! My email is:

    pogofig at gmail dot com