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Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Blogging is Bad News for Husbands

I've come to the conclusion that blogging is bad news for husbands.

Exhibit A: Deb's husband sends her flowers.

Exhibit B: Wendy's husband went to ballroom dancing camp for her.

Exhibit C: Maren's husband made her birthday the best ever.

I was starting to think that I'm not appreciated and that Carl doesn't really love me.

Then I remembered our date last week.

Any man willing to paint a little bear, in public, and be videotaped for my blog (okay, I don't think he knew I would really post this) has got to be a keeper.


  1. Aww Thats love :) So sweet :)
    ... but now the pressure is on my Husby... I DEMAND.. Flowers, or fun Crafting... I will settle for no less! lol

  2. Ahh. . .Carl's the best! And I love that he was representin' the B.S.A.

  3. Where were you guys? I love his little bear. What did he do with it?

  4. We were at Paint Yourself Silly. You can go there and paint pottery. I have no idea what he's going to do with that bear, though. ;)