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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Caleb's Latest Piano Video

I took this video tonight with my new Flip Mino. I can't get enough of that thing so you'll probably be subjected to a lot of videos on this blog. If you don't care about seeing videos of my family...I won't feel bad if you don't click it.

If you do click it, you'll be treated to the awesome piano stylings of 5 year old Caleb and his version of Joy to the World/Three Blind Mice. I'm pretty sure you won't be able to see this anywhere else (except YouTube and my living room). Enjoy. Or not.


  1. Hey! He's doing great! My favorite part was how the three blind mice song was jazzy feeling. Oh and the bow! Not only is Caleb a great little pianist, but most 5 year olds cannot bow as great as that either! Glad you posted this, I'm impressed, as always. Gosh, I can't believe how he's growing up!

  2. Janet8:21 PM

    Oh, how cute! He does so well. I like the rhythmic variation on 3 Blind Mice.

    More, More!

  3. Holy cow! I can't wait to hear him in 5 more years! That is amazing...and I know a thing or two about amazing pianists!

  4. That was fantastic! I am really impressed.


  5. Did he get that 3 blind mice tune from Harry Connick Jr.? I love it! I also love how he just looks around the room while he's playing. . .doesn't even need to see the keys.

  6. I'm so impressed... way to go Caleb!!

  7. Ben was in total shock at how amazing he is. He's just looking around while he's playing.