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Monday, January 05, 2009

Purple States

Did any of you notice that I didn't post on this blog yesterday? It was really hard for me not to do it but I'm probably the only person that is trying to blog less!

Today I've got a special video I did for a website called Purple States. It was really fun to do once I got over the fact that I shouldn't care that I'm not a size 8 anymore and my house is a mess.

So, if you don't mind seeing a video of me talking about the economy, food storage, and my crafting...head over there and watch it! There are a lot of videos posted from other states as well and will continue for the next few weeks.


  1. Christy that was awesome! I really enjoyed watching it!

  2. Hmmm... was it a concidence that all your ribbons make a cameo right behind you? :)

    That's really cool!

  3. Lauren-it was a coincidence having my ribbons behind me but I don't think I could have planned that any better! ;)

  4. So cute that your kids are in there too!

  5. Love it! Great job!

  6. I loved it! Good job!

  7. No Carl? Also, why do you feel you need to blog less :-(?

  8. Carl was manning the camera for most of it. I did have a little bit of video of him when we were shopping but it didn't make the final cut, I guess. I just sent a bunch of footage and it got put together by a pro.