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Friday, January 02, 2009

Be a Little Better Without Even Knowing It!

I weighed myself just before Thanksgiving. I had been "off the wagon" for a week and wasn't expecting to get back on until after the holidays.

I weighed myself to assess the damage and get my baseline for the new year. I lost 9 pounds. Hmm. Same scale. Same time of day.

Guess I didn't eat as much Almond Roca as I thought!

Now I'm even more motivated to get this going again but probably not for the reason you may imagine. I figure that if I'm so big that I can't even notice a 9 lb. difference, I better get to work!


  1. 9 pounds is cause for congratulations! I bet it was the Sprittle. The people of appalachia have been using it for years as an appetite supressant.

  2. Way cool! It must be all that running around and holiday stress!

  3. Ya know... what a nice surprise! I love it when that happens! Too bad it doesn't happen that often... at least not for me :)

    What a charming site you have here... so lovely to look at... and your Etsy! Swoon! What a gifted woman you are. lovely, charming, lovely... SO inspirational... that bib, your card organizer. *swoon*

    I am so glad you came and commented so I could find you :)

  4. I *totally* understand your motivation. *sigh* My goals include 'eat better' and 'exercise more' -- following you on the blog will be very inspiring to me! Want to walk together some time?