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Saturday, April 08, 2006

You Spin Me Right Around, Baby, Right Around

Imagine Sarah Jessica Parker in one of her all-time greatest roles in the movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Helen Hunt and Satan are in it, too. I guess non-LDS people wouldn't know that Satan is in it, but believe us when we say that he's there!*** Okay, back to Sarah Jessica Parker. Do you see her? Catholic school uniform? Standing in front of her class for the first time? She says, "I love to dance". If Big Apple could say more than a few semi-unintelligible words, this is what she would say.

Most of you know that the Frog can dance. I mean, he can DANCE. He loves it. Big Apple is the great imitator of all time (heaven help me!) and she has started to pick up on some of his moves. She's not a total copycat, though. She's got some good ones of her own. Her favorites are militant marching (she gets her knees up so high that I think she's going to fall over), and spinning. This kids spins and spins, usually until she can't walk and just has to fall to the floor. When this happens she will just stay there and giggle until she's good enough to stand up and do it again. It's super cute and I hope just she doesn't injure herself.

***There's just one of the dancers in the movie that plays the role of Satan in a video that a lot of us have seen. It's not REALLY Satan...or is it? ah ha ha ha ha


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