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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cleaning House

Things are starting to get crazy around here. First, Sugar Daddy is in Wichita learning how to write grants so he can bring in lots of moolah to the university and more importantly, get tenure. I'm really not doing too badly being a single mom for a couple of days. Big Apple rewarded me last night by sleeping the full 12 hours without waking up once! She usually squacks at least once during the night. Frog slept with me and he stayed asleep for 10 hours. Not bad. At least I woke up in a good mood today.

I've been trying to get things organized for the move. I've gone through my clothes and threw out a ton of things. Most are now too big or just plain ugly (polyester capris? What the heck?). I realize now that I have precious few spring/summer clothes. Too bad I can't remedy that right away. I can last another month or two.

I tackled the craft room the other night. I got some good organization going on now so it shouldn't be so bad to unpack. I've got a filing crate with most of my paper, die cuts, etc... and most of them are even labeled correctly. I have about 8 stamp sets I'm ready to part with but I'm not going to do that until after the move. They're too good to put into the garage sale.

Speaking of the garage sale...we are going to have a lot of things in there! We've got a bed, dresser, chairs, treadmill, toys, baby clothes, crafty goodness, and junk out the wazoo. I'll be surprised if we don't make a couple hundred dollars. The good news? What's left will not be coming into our new house. Straight off to charity. Yippee.

Frog is demanding my attention now so I'm guess I'm done blogging for today. Sorry it's not more exciting. But, that's my life these days.


  1. Garage Sale!!! Yipee!! When is it?

  2. April 22nd. If you have some stuff you want to sell, bring it! Hollie's bringing some stuff, too.

    check out my word verification:

  3. loser2:29 PM

    Hooray, there's lot's of room in mom's car.

  4. Loser--you get first dibs, too!