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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Motherin' in the Hood

Big Apple has proven to be quite the challenge today. She kept bringing me thumbtacks. Where the heck is she finding all the thumbtacks and why does she insist on bringing them to me in her mouth???? The second time she brought them to me, I followed her. She went into her closet, opened a drawer (the top one), reached in and pulled out more! Great. She must have broken the box earlier when she brought out her first one because they were all loose in the drawer. I have since put them back in the box, placed the box in a ziploc, placed the ziploc up high where I KNOW she can't reach, and have kept a close eye on her ever since. I wonder what else she'll dig up today.

Frog went to preschool today to check it out. It was awesome. The teacher is great, they sing a lot, and there are 3 adults to about 9-10 kids. We go back on Friday to update his IFSP and then he'll start riding the bus on Monday. I'll admit that I teared up a little thinking that my little guy is going to be riding a bus to school already! Then I started thinking about how much that should help our family and then they were tears of joy. This is going to be good. But, I can't guarantee there won't be more sad tears on Monday when he actually goes for real.

They had to take his picture for some of the things they do at the school. I don't think I have to remind you how Frog smiles. Well, I will anyway.

The paraprofessional that was taking the picture had to tell the one that was telling Frog to smile to stop it. It was quite hilarious. I think they finally came away with one that worked.

Next week is a big week. Monday: first day of preschool; Tuesday: MY BIRTHDAY (send money, yarn, or best wishes please!); Wednesday: we close on our house; Thursday: we go broke because we spent all of our money on the house; Friday: we freak out because we move in one day; Saturday: we MOVE..and my sister is coming!; Sunday: Elder Bednar is in town for our church's Stake Conference; Monday: Sugar Daddy leaves for 2 days for some conference and leaves me and my sister alone to unpack the house. Fun fun fun!


  1. I've been out of the loop for a while, Christy, but I'm baaaack! What a fun post. GOOD LUCK with all that's coming up for you this week. Survive and recover. Oh, and happy birthday!

  2. lol frog is just too cute! how big he's getting SNIF!!! but it will be fun for you and BA! i can totally relate the booty has been reaching up on the counters to get things. I KNOW she only comes up to my thighs but the counters?? COME ON! i worry about the stove. i watch her like a hawk.
    anyways fun fun fun. email me your addy and i'll send you something for your birthday!

  3. LOL. I still love that picture.

  4. What is SNIF? I can't wait for my Nebraska vacation!!!