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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Homes

Now that we've been in our new home for a few days, it has inspired me to create a new blog home. New name, new look...I hope it turns out as cool as I envision it.


  1. 6:52am?? Man, you are up and blogging early! So, how do I get to this "New Blog Home"?

  2. It won't be ready until the weekend at the soonest!

    I have to get up early now to put Frog on the bus for preschool. Good times!

  3. Love the new picture!

  4. Deanna3:53 PM

    I wanted to be the first to post on your new blog...but I can't since I do not have a blog.... :( You have to change that so all can share :)

  5. Waiting on pins and needles . . .

    I need to call you soon to plan when we are going to come. We've been telling people we are going to Nebraska on vacation this summer. They always ask us "why?" Well, we are EXCITED. Oggie is in town from the UK. So, I'll call when she leaves.

  6. I'll have to work on a Nebraska tour plan for us, Tiffany! This is what I have planned so far for this summer....

    yep, that's it!

    Hi to Oggie!

  7. 35 days!!!!!!! The count down is on! Yeah, baby!