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Friday, April 28, 2006

Pack Ratitis

We're still in "discussions" over the many things that need to be thrown out or given away. Things haven't turned hostile and I don't think they will as long as Carl agrees with me that we don't need to keep coffee mugs he got from recruiters and/or conferences just because of the memories. These mugs can't even go in the microwave!!! Oh my.

In other news...we're almost done moving all the stuff from our other house. I told Carl that if we've lived without it for this long, we can live without it forever. Just when I get the boxes down to a reasonable number, he brings home more! I'm running out of places to put things so he's going to have to face the fact that something's gotta give!

Excuse the lame post of more complaining from me but I think that's all you're going to get today. Caleb is about to be home and I spent the whole morning in a Relief Society meeting. It's a rainy day so I'm going to have to come up with some way to keep the kiddos occupied without playing outside. Fun times.


  1. We are having a similar day my friend (rainy with kids underfoot). I am sitting here reading a book on decluttering and feeling so overwhelmed by the mess around me that I can't get started. I'm not meaning to make this "all about me," I just wanted you to know I feel your pain. I'm not surprised Carl is discussing things calmly with you, he really is a good guy. Saying he was "like my dad" was a compliment in many ways.

  2. I took it as a compliment, Melessa. Your dad is pretty awesome (even if he loves clutter as much as Carl).

    Now that I have a house I care about and a good routine going, I may have to give Flylady another chance.

  3. Arbee4:20 PM

    I am plagued with pack ratitis, but thankfully the 5 moves in 6 years has helped that along! I at least have to acknowledge my "stuff" when I pack it, so I can usually deal with getting rid of things just so I don't have to move them. I am trying to use Flylady's wisdom and keep only things I "love" which helps with decluttering. I sometimes keep stuff just because someone gave it to me, whether or not I really like it. I'm glad for Flylady, since she gives me permission to get rid of stuff, since it is just clutter. And I can totally relate to having a gazillion t-shirts - and I only wear them on the weekends!

    I'm addicted to the Clean Sweep show and also the show called Neat - both of those have empowered me to declutter and What Not to Wear has given me the courage to rid my closet/dresser of clothes that are not flattering on me. Yay for TV and for spring cleaning!! Congratulations on finally settling into your new home! :)

    p.s. love your new look!

  4. The good news about Carl is that he is much younger than my Dad and more likely to change his ways. He also has the good example of his parents changing their ways to help him along.

    I love Clean Sweep too and just discovered the Neat show that Arbee is talking about. I need to tackle my house too, but first I really need to get my two finals turned in. This will be my last semester for coursework like this. Now all that's left is the internship. Woo Hoo!

  5. Carl's ailment is chronic and long-term. I'm not surprise that it has infected your house. I prescribe electroshock behavioral therapy.

  6. Anonymous11:06 AM

    But perhaps we could buy him a shed:)
    Love you Carl!
    Mom (Christy's Mom)

  7. I love your mom's idea--every man needs a shed, although I think Matt has enough to need 2 sheds by now.

  8. Jeez, Mom. It's not like I'm going to kick him out of the house or anything!
    At least he's giving me one side of the garage for the car(something I've NEVER had even when we've had 2 car garages in the past).