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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This Post Brought To You By Pillows. Awesome Pillows.

Last month, some pillows arrived at my house via UPS.  I was in contact with a rep from Natura World and was in the market for a new pillow.  Three pillows arrived at my house and just in time.  My mom was coming to visit.Aloe Dream Mate Pillow

My mom won't travel without her own pillow.  She's had that pillow for as long as I can remember.  We don't like to think about what is inside that pillow but for her, it worked.  Or so she thought.  I let her try out one of the new pillows.  She chose the Aloe Dream Mate Pillow

In her own words, this is what she had to say about the new pillow:

I ALWAYS take my own pillow with me when I travel.  I have had a favorite for years.  It is a down pillow that I can manipulate to support my neck. I have arthritis and it is very hard for me to get comfortable at night. Not long ago I spent the weekend at my daughter's house in Lincoln NE. We really look forward to our visits there but know we will be sleeping on a blow up mattress in the basement.  When we arrived Christy showed me some pillows that she was reviewing and asked me if I would like to try one.  I was concerned that I would not be able to really know if I like it or not considering that I was sleeping on the air mattress. The pillow was feather like and said the outside fiber kept you cool.  At
my age wow..I needed that.  But again I was not too optimistic because I am really stuck on the pillow I take everywhere.  Well I really liked the pillow!  Christy sprayed it with the freshener that was included.  It was like a fine hotel touch!  It really helped me not notice that I was sleeping on an air mattress.  It was firmer than what I was used to, but still pliable so that I could have it nestled in my neck.  Christy gave me the pillow to take home and I have continued to use it.  My husband's comment was that I am not tossing and turning and pounding my pillow like I used to do! It is true that it does not heat up as you lay on it.  To sum it up,  I love it!

Ultimate PillowThe first couple of nights, I tried out a Dream Mate, too.  I liked it but wanted to give the other pillow a try as well.  When I switched to the Ultimate Pillow, I knew this was the one for me!   It has a latex core that is anti-microbial and is covered in terrycloth.   It is true when they say the smart wool layer wicks away moisture.  Before using these pillows there were times I would wake up and one side of my face would be all sweaty and gross.  That hasn't happened since I've started using these pillows.  I also wake up feeling well rested and my neck has been thanking me.  This pillow conforms to my neck and back but doesn't fold in on itself so I'm constantly having to rearrange it through the night. 

NaturaWorld has all sorts of sleep products including organic crib sets, mattresses, and even pet beds.  I definitely value my sleep time and my bedding, mattress, and pillows aren't things I will normally skimp on.  I spend more time there than almost anywhere else and when I'm well rested, everyone is happy! 

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  1. My oh my...those are some pricey pillows. I had no idea pillows could cost so much!

  2. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Ooh! Those are awesome! Spacify offers Kids Pillows and more at reasonable prices.