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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

IMG_1897 Our trip to Kansas City was so much fun!  The kids had such a blast meeting the characters from The Wizard of Oz and playing in the exhibit they had set up.  Dorothy was so great with the kids and made Eva feel so great about her dress and shoes!  IMG_1898 For days before the trip they kept asking to go to Emerald City to see the Wizard.  I was so glad we could oblige! 

The exhibit will be at the Crown Center for just one more week and the characters are only there on Saturdays, so if you're in the area and your kids love the Wizard of Oz, it is definitely worth going to!  IMG_1901

The exhibit itself was a trip through Oz.  It is definitely geared towards kids.  You can follow the yellow brick road, meet up with the scarecrow, tin man, and lion, and make your way towards Emerald City.  IMG_1908 You can go behind the curtain and push some buttons to make the wizard speak.  Then you can go into the witch's castle (Caleb's favorite), see some flying monkeys, and watch the witch melt. 

It was really crowded when we were there.  I was nervous Caleb wouldn't be able to handle the crowds but it just goes to show you, if he's interested enough in something, he can do it! 

We would have like to stay longer in Kansas City and visit more with our friends, but in the end we decided that there's no place like home.

IMG_1893Thanks to Wendy for the last minute use of the ruby slippers.  Eva's broke on Friday and I didn't have time to fix them.  They are all better now.  Good thing Eva has big feet and can fit into a size 12.  Scary, since she just barely turned 4. 


  1. Looks and sounds like you all had a blast! Love the pictures. Makes me sorry we won't get to KC this week/end. :-(

  2. Oh Christy. Logan will turn 5 the beginning of next month and he's wearing a size 1 shoe and size 6 & 7 pants! I can imagine how you must feel about Eva. I wish they wouldn't grow so fast!

    Your trip to Oz sounded like fun!