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Friday, April 03, 2009

Carl Went to NASA and All I Got Was This

For years I've been trying to tell Carl that my love language is Receiving Gifts.  They don't have to be expensive or even cost money at all.  I just appreciate it when someone has thought enough of me to get me a little something special. 

Carl had to work for just over a week at NASA.  This happened to fall during Caleb's Spring Break.  It wouldn't have been so bad except we've been having to adjust Caleb's medications and things haven't been so fun around here.  He's difficult anyway, but add in no school, change of schedule, one less parent, etc… and you have a recipe for disaster.

The kids did not disappoint.  I talked with Carl every night and I said, "You better bring me back something really good".  He said, "Don't worry".  He always says that and I always worry.  I knew he had the whole weekend off.  They had cars.  It wasn't like he was stuck at a hotel all week.  I was hoping for the best. 

This is what I got:

a keychain!  Isn't is amazing!  It is solar powered. 


It gets even better!  Here's the other side.  It blinks thanks to the power of the sun. 



And on.  Isn't that so romantic?  It's a blinking keychain all the way from NASA! 


But wait!  Even better… it came all the way from CHINA!


This present is EVEN BETTER than the pack of cards he got for me from some conference vendor when he went to Las Vegas.  He has to go to Phoenix for a week at the end of April.  Maybe I'll just have to give him some suggestions.


  1. wow, oh wait, I mean WOW!! He didn't even bring you a (unused) bag from the vomit comet??

  2. Oh, dear. This is why I ask my husband not to get anything for Valentines or our anniversary or anything. He'd be all pleased as punch with some odd thing and I'd be like "Whaaaa?" Those husbands!

  3. lol! a keychain! oh goodness...well at least he didn't forget? ok, i got nothin.

  4. Oh, my. Maybe next time you need to give him a special mission. The GPS coordinates for a yarn store, perhaps? In the meantime, you should go schedule a massage for yourself. You deserve it!

  5. How nice of him :) I bet he was proud of his purchase too-mine would be!!

  6. words. No words. But fortunately, or unfortunately, our spouses must have taken the same class on gift giving. Maybe he should take lessons on gift giving from the Obamas.

  7. John always brings back a gift, but I must admit, they're random types of gifts. His traveling adventures start this month again. Joy! Think I'll get another gift made of weaved wheat?

  8. That is so cool. Can I borrow it some day?
    I think that Julie was right - go and get a massage. A 10-hour long massage.

  9. Well....I like it..and it does have XOXO. He was thinking of you..right?? Think of it as a Key to my heart kind of gift

  10. Hey, I bought my kids the same keychains from San Francisco! They had the kids' names on them, though and my children thought they were the coolest thing since sliced bread. I guess you can get away with shopping for a 4 and 7 yr old in the airport gift shop.

  11. Men's choice with gifts can be disasters sometimes....

  12. Yeah, that's a great keychain!

  13. Poor clueless Carl. I'm thinking some flowers better be showing up very soon.

  14. Randi7:07 PM

    A for effort? Nah...better a D for Do over! Go buy yourself a gift!

    No matter how great the man...I only know about one that is a great gift giver...and that is Edgar. He finds good stuff for Linda.

    This is why Scott and I just tell each other what we want...or we discuss and I go buy it. He can do flowers on his own!