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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Love You Crescendo

We're a little OCD around these parts with our hugs and kisses for the kids.  We get a kiss, then a hug, and then an eskimo kiss.  It has to be in that order.  I've been trying to spice things up a bit and I've added telling the kids how much I love them during the hug and we squeeze each other as hard as we can.  Sometimes I put my arms out to tell them I love them.  I say, "Look how big this is!  I love you bigger than that!". 

Caleb has started telling me that he loves me crescendo.  For his musical mind, this is infinity.  It seriously melts my heart.  I love him crescendo, too.


  1. That is seriously the sweetest thing ever,

  2. Anonymous3:12 PM

    What a sweetie! Mrs. O

  3. Oh my gosh, I love that! It melts my heart too and he is not even my kid!

  4. that is awesome, Christy! I think my heart melted a bit, too!