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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Flip Side

Yesterday I wrote about the sweet thing Caleb says to me and how it melts my heart.  It reminded me of something else he's been doing lately. 

You know how they love The Wizard of Oz?  When Caleb is mad at me he throws cupfuls of water on me to try to get me to melt.  I have to tell him after I scream with rage and get totally peeved that he just threw water on me that good witches don't melt.  He remains unconvinced I'm a good witch and so I get a cupful of water tossed at me on a regular basis. 

This is NOT the way to melt my heart.

You can see the cuter side of Caleb over at today.  I finished up a sweater vest I knit for him and he looks pretty darn handsome.


  1. Hahaha! I love it! I mean, I don't condone water throwing at Moms. But I love his logic. And yours.

    I was just thinking how sad it was that my kids have never seen the Wizard of Oz - but now I think maybe that's not such a bad thing. :)

  2. I love how literal he is, even though it has it's downside.

    And the sweater vest is adorable.

  3. Janet (Grandma)6:37 PM

    Beautifully done. He looks so proud of it.

  4. Now THAT is hilarious! It's kinda hard to make a 10-month pregnant woman laugh, and you just did! He cracks me up!

  5. LOL... this is great... and I LOVE your crossing out of things. Too funny! AND, back a few days ago, I am with you on the Troy Bolton/Zac Efron thing. I think he has really rubbed off on me the past 2 years with help from Shelby's complete obsession of him... and I have not read Twilight, so I am yet to be an Edward fan! :)

  6. My kids absolutely love the Wizard of Oz, I'm soooo glad they haven't thought of trying to throw water on me. I would be so furious. I'll make sure not to let them read this post. EVER! They would try it if they thought of it. Thanks for the laugh though. I'll be on my guard now.

  7. I'm sorry, I know that probably is not funny, but come on. . .Caleb is really thinkin' here!

  8. That is soooooooo funny. Does he think that you're a witch all the time or just when he is mad at you?