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Monday, April 06, 2009

Chicks Who Click

Deb and I are going to be speaking at the Chicks Who Click conference in Kansas City in May.  We are really excited about it and would love to see some of you there! 

From their webpage, here's the overview:

We are Chicks who Click -- Minds that are creative, connected and looking to collaborate – with dynamic women- to be the best in our fields through social media. Chicks Who Click not only know tools such as blogging, social networks, conversations and communities, but understand the smartest ways to use them to achieve personal and career goals.  We are also educating our communities on the importance of encouraging girls and young women to pursue careers in technology.
At every Chicks Who Click event, we will share how to make your relationships count, we will empower you to use your social toolbox and we will help you refine your personal brand.

Registration opens today!


  1. Good for you guys!!! I wish I could be there! Good luck- I know you'll do great. You both have much to offer.

  2. That's a nice description of you on there. You're supermom and your face looks skinny.