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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flat Trisha

For the past several days, I've been entertaining Flat Trisha from MomDot.comIMG_1955I met "real" Trisha at the Mom 2.0 Summit and we share a love for all things reality TV.  She's also one of the funniest people you'll ever meet. 

Flat Trisha?  Not so much.  She spent the majority of her time here In Nebraska staring me down.   I wanted to take her out to see the sights of Lincoln but all she wanted to do was sit in front of the TV and watch For the Love of Ray J. 



Flat Trisha has some local fans.  Lucky for her, one of them took the time to visit her at my house.  Deb from Fresh Nest Designs says hi! 




She wouldn't leave the house until I told her that our state capitol building here in Nebraska is often referred to as "The Penis of the Prairie".  She hopped right into my purse and we were off! 

She thinks it could be bigger.

Here you can take a look at some of the other adventures I had with Flat Trisha!  Where will she go next?

IMG_1952 IMG_1953

IMG_1954 IMG_1948

These adventures would not have been possible without Flat Trisha's sponsor.  Get your own flat picture here.


  1. Love your Flat Trisha adventures, very funny!

  2. You are too funny! I love how you got her out of the house with the promise of seeing the Penis of The Prairie!

  3. I love this! I would love for her to come lounge by the pool in sunny Arizona with us!

  4. Looks like fun, I hope Flat Trisha comes to my house someday. Looks like a good time had by all. She is my kind of guest, no fancy menu, no worry about bath towels, no worrying about whose turn it is in the shower. She seems like she would be the perfect house guest. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
    If you are interested I am hosting a giveaway on my site.
    Have fun!

  5. Ha! It looks like Flat Trisha had a great time! Who wouldn't want to see the Penis of the Prairie? lol

  6. That's hilarious, can't wait to see where she shows up next.

  7. You gotta at least throw a bone to the book that inspired it all, Flat Stanley. (My librarian plug.)

  8. Gotta say, Flat Trish and I have a lot in common: "The Penis of the Prairie" is really the only reason I ever get out of the house, too.

    You crack me up!

  9. "Penis of the prairie?" Sounds like Laura Ingall's other diary, the one she published under a pseudonym to pay the bills while she finished her better known works.

    That or Christy's craven attempt to drum up blog traffic. I for one am completely disgusted...

  10. Too funny! Looks like she had a good time!

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