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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yarn Braids

A few days ago, I read this blog post at Life with Murmer. I thought...I have yarn. I have a girl that would look adorable with these. Let's go for it!

Three days later and countless hours watching Kung Fu Panda and the Little Einsteins brings you this masterpiece.

It was really easy once I did a few. Some of the ones from a few days ago aren't that great and I should probably go in and re-do them. But, not today! Today I will bask in the glory of having accomplished this feat and enjoy the almost maintenance free hair days to come.

Eva really likes her braids. Caleb is extremely jealous, as you can imagine. Someday when he is older and will let us take care of his hair a little better, I'll put him in braids. For now, we'll keep him shorn.

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  1. faith says beautiful but gabe says not so. gotta lov kids that look over your shoulder.

  2. nice cute on Eva...hopefully they will last for quite a while (with a 15 month old it was only 2 weeks but most people get 4-6 weeks)

  3. Janet (Grandma)3:17 PM

    Nice work! Of course Little Miss dress-up likes them!

  4. Those look really cool. I always wanted "lots of braids" when I was little. Now I know I'd look bald with my fine hair in braids.

  5. Looks great! I never would have thought to use yarn for hair extensions, but it's got to be easier to work with than synthetic hair (and cheaper, too).

  6. Do you think that is how Rapunzel wore her hair?

  7. Hey! Good Job! We've been doing yarn braids since April, and I just got my dd's done yet again! They are the best thing I have found yet!! LOVE EM!! you will too! you did a great job on these by the way!! Bask in it mama!! you did good!!

  8. Thanks for joining in on my Hair Day Saturday!