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Sunday, December 28, 2008

He Is...I Say

I've been reading the book that Carl got me for Christmas. It is by David Wild, a journalist for Rolling Stone, about the awesomeness that is Neil Diamond. I love Neil, so you can imagine that I love this book. Even if this book wasn't cleverly written, full of great anecdotes, and teeming with great personal information about Neil, I would probably still love it. But this book is all of those things and I'm only on chapter 2.

My favorite passage so far...

" my heart of hearts---my "Heartlight," if you will---I remain a firm Believer that if you hate Neil Diamond, then you may actually hate yourself."

*My final Project 365 post will be on Dec. 31st

1 comment:

  1. Janet4:01 PM

    Does that mean you won't be posting every day next year???! If so, I will really miss that. This is the second place I look on the Internet every day, after my e-mail. (Sometimes I even look here first.)