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Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of Those Days

Eva is 3 years old. On any given day, she can be the devil. It usually happens only 3-7 days a week.

Today is a devil day. On a devil day, Eva will only request to do unreasonable things (like play outside in the snow in a swimsuit). Even if you offer her an alternative (play outside in the snow in a snowsuit), it isn't good enough and getting her to do anything is like trying to wrangle Jell-O.

I got her to preschool this morning so she could participate in the party. I think she had fun while she was there. When she saw me she reverted back to "normal". I wanted to take her picture in front of the tree. I figured I might as well take her picture with a mad face. Here was our conversation:

Me: Eva! Make a mad face!
Eva: (with a mad face) I don't want to make a mad face! I want to make a happy face!
Me: Okay. Make a happy face.
Eva: (with a scowl) This IS a happy face!
Me: Okay, then.



  1. What is it with these children? M was insisting to go out in the snow in her jammies.

  2. Janet1:51 PM

    Sometimes you just can't win! I hope she mellows out at 4. Wasn't she pretty good as a 2-year-old? If so, she's the exception to the rule.

  3. Look how much fun I have to look forward to! Eva, make a surprised face! :0

  4. Natalie was a very "trying three" after fooling me with her not-so-terrible twos. So far, she's turning out OK now.

  5. Your posts are making me laugh...guess I'd better be tyke's coming up on that age. gulp.

  6. Ah, devil children. Or, as I like to refer to Josh, my little imp of satan. Good times had by all moms, right?