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Monday, December 08, 2008

Write My Bio

I'm trying to write up my "about me" section for my super-duper new website to be revealed at a later date.

What would you write about me?


  1. Things to include:

    Mother of two
    Husband--PhD in M. Engineering, speaks French
    Speaks Spanish
    All the places you've lived
    Sooner alum
    Some stuff about your crafting interests
    Some stuff about your favorite books
    That you were a cheerleader in HS (had to throw that in :-)
    You play the piano (or at least use to. Do you ever play it now?)

    I might think of some more, but I think all that stuff is interesting and unique about you and makes you who you are.

  2. How about "I'm flippin' fantastic!" Ok, I'll think a little more, but really, that sums it up dontcha think?

  3. I don't know WendySue, but flippin' fantastic about does it! I mean, what can't you do?

  4. Well, I can't fit into a size 8, that's for sure!

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM

    How about "Fabulous Girl's Trip Coordinator'? Looking forward to 09! Megan in NM