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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Keeping it All Together

I realize that it is only 1pm, but today has been a pretty darn good day. The kids are playing together, we went to the Children's Museum, we had lunch, and I'm not too stressed about Christmas. I still have a lot to do as far as presents and cards are concerned. I have about 70% of the cards addressed. I finished two more projects that are for the kids (one from us and one from Santa). I have two more of those to finish but now that I've done one of each, they should go faster.

I've also pared down my writing responsibilities for other sites. I'm no longer writing as the Trying to Conceive editor at Typeamom. Instead I am going to continue in my position as Managing Editor of the Mom Topics section and just write articles for whatever topic I feel like. I didn't realize how much that assignment had been weighing on me until it was removed. I really love that site, though, and the opportunities it provides people to get their work out there.

A week ago, I was a guest blogger at Wishpot. I am one of the Indie experts and it is on that blog. You can read it here. That is such a fun site. Have you checked it out?

I've also been very lucky this month with giveaways. Just this morning I won this! I hope you read the blog post and didn't just look at the picture and assume I won Patrick Dempsey. That would merit a blog post all on its own if that had happened. I also won these, this fireman weighted vest, and this. I won some other things too but I'm too lazy to find the links right now. I'll post them when they arrive. I've been entering giveaways like crazy and have been trying to win a Wii in particular. No luck on that front.

I've also been getting a few more items to review. Can't tell you about those yet but I'll have some giveaways in the next few months with those products as well.

Exciting things happening around here and I couldn't be happier*!

*I fully realize that at any moment my kids can revert back to their evil ways but for now I'm enjoying the good.


  1. Wow! Congratulations on all your giveaway winnings! You totally deserve them (and a Wii....I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!)


  2. Janet9:20 PM

    Thank goodness! I guess they heard enough Christmas carols and got the message. When I was a kid, I remember trying hard to be good just before Christmas. Did you? It's a little hard to remember because I was 6 when I found out the truth about Santa.

    Congrats on your winnings.