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Monday, December 08, 2008

Project 365


This is what I brought back from California as souvenirs. Mother's Cookies went out of business in October so this is most likely the last bag I will ever have. I thought I might save them but then I saw the expiration date was 12/02/08 so we opened that bad boy up and ate them all! Caleb really liked them. These are the cookies I remember having most as a child.

The pink popcorn was another thing I just had to bring home. I think anytime we would go to a fair (which was a lot b/c my dad raced his horses at fairs back then) I would get some of this. This didn't last a week, either. I think I ate that on Wednesday. Thank goodness I took a picture!

I have no idea why I took this picture. But, I did. And now it is here for all the world (or at least my 100 blog readers) to see.


I made this card to take to the craft fair. It didn't sell so I'll be adding it to my shop sometime this week.

This is a definite representative picture of our experience at Season of Crafts. We kept ourselves entertained, that's for sure. We estimated the average age of attendees to be just over 50. That's AVERAGE. They just weren't in the market for what we had to sell. I did buy my mom's Christmas present there and met some fun people so it wasn't a total bust.


When I finally did get my camera out of the craft box yesterday, I didn't leave my chair to take yesterday's picture. Had to stick with the lazy theme. This is the view out my window from my chair in front of my laptop.

I am really losing steam on project 365. Good thing I only have a few weeks left!


    Better that picture, than one of my heiney!
    I can't wait to see the pouch you made tonight.

  2. So, I went to write you an e-mail and realized I don't have your address. I mean, I remember the first part but not the last part. Anyway, if you could, would you drop me a line so I can ask you a question regarding how busy you are?

    I really like your card--very cute.

  3. Mother's cookies going out of business?! I had no idea! Where am I going to get Circus Animals? Of course, I'm better off if I can't get Circus Animals -- those things are like crack for me. Can't stop eating them, so I don't trust myself to buy a bag.

    Still, it's sad -- I've got childhood memories in those cookies!

  4. I like Project 365 (for you, of course. I'm FAR too lazy to take pictures everyday.)

  5. Janet2:32 PM

    I have always looked forward to Project 365's pictures. You've just gotta keep posting those photos.

  6. I think I might have to copy you and try Project 365 next year. Then I won't always feel compelled to write something also if I don't want to. Hmmmmm.... Care if I copy???