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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trust Me. This is Hall and Oates.


autismwalk state fair 024

You'll just have to trust me that this is Hall & Oates.  It's been a month ago since I saw them in concert and I haven't blogged about it.  Who am I?  How did I let this go so long undocumented?

autismwalk state fair 025 I went with Shannon, Wendy and Carl.  I was taking pictures with my new Ashton-signed camera (the signature has since faded away completely).  After I took this one, the camera asked me if someone blinked.  Hmmm.  That surprised me.  So we tried to recreate the message.

autismwalk state fair 027 No message on this one.  But I did figure out how to do some editing directly on the camera.  Check this out.

autismwalk state fair 028

We had a lot of time on our hands waiting for Hall & Oates to sing, "Private Eyes".  They're watching you.  *clap clap*

In fact, we're still waiting.


Good thing the tickets were only $12 or I'd want my money back.  How could they NOT sing that song?


  1. You still didn't edit out my wrinkly eyelids. . .

    I'm still amazed they didn't get off their booties for the whole show too.

  2. are you kidding?? They seriously did NOT sing that?!? Really, hope they didn't get paid for that gig...

  3. Hall & Oates. {swooning}

    as totally bummed that Ashton's signature faded on mine too. I didn't even get a photo of it on the camera. Boo.