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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I heard today that one of my friends from Indiana passed away.  She had been battling cancer while trying to raise a young family.  She was upbeat and cheerful. 


She leaves behind a loving husband and four beautiful children.

I haven't seen her since I moved but we'd stayed in contact via email and through facebook.  She loved stamping and crafting like me so we loved to share ideas with each other. 

I realize that all of these things we go through are a part of life and there is a bigger plan at play here.  This knowledge gives me comfort and hope but it doesn't quite numb the ache of knowing that those she left behind won't have the benefit of knowing her as well as they could have. 

I'll miss her. 


  1. Where did you get those pictures? They are great. It is so sad. She will be missed, by so many. It's hard to think HF would allow somethiing like this to happen...why would he take a mother away from those sweet children? I guess we will one day understand better than we do now, and in the meantime have faith that He knows best.

  2. So sad Christy. That second picture is so, so precious. The pure love of a mother. She has big things in store for her dear family, I'm sure.

  3. Oh my goodness. I am so heartsick to have read this. She was just too young and I know how hard it will be for her 4 little ones and her husband. Thank you for sharing this Christy. It sure puts life in perspective.

  4. I am sorry for your loss! Thanks for sharing.